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They like me, they really like me!

Mark Rogers,
Marketing Director,
Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

“I hope that I am able to get my point across effectively since I do not have Robin to help me write this. She has an innate ability to translate raw data and ideas into concisely expressed concepts. Despite overbearing deadlines she has never faulted in her teamwork attitude or ability to multi-task and has many times been my savior with ‘emergency’ projects. I consider her skills and demeanor to be the gold standard and continue to call upon upon her professional advice.”

Rafael & Lorena
, Owners,
El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant

" Diablo " is the  Official SpokesBull  for  El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant

"Diablo" is the Official SpokesBull for El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant

"My husband and I have worked with Robin for about 8 years. It's been wonderful. We don't know what we would do without her! She's really helped take our restaurant to the next level. Our brand was all all over the place or I should say we didn't even have one! Her first action was taking our logo and writing the best slogan ever to go with it: ”Buck the Ordinary" — that's been my favorite since day one! (We have a life-size bucking bull outside our entrance.) She also redesigned our menu, built our website and created our Amigos Club (email marketing) for us. People comment on her wit and clever writing all the time. I love the great ideas she consistently brings us — like "CharitaBull Mondays" for our new fundraising program! We have been able to keep things fresh for that reason. Our ads are always different and new. Thank you, Robin, for all that you do. We love working with you and can't wait to see where our adventures take us!" 

Tammy Pruitt,
Marketing Creative Mgr, Greater Spokane Inc.

"I had the good fortune of working for Robin early in my career as a graphic designer. She is a one-stop shop: an excellent writer with a keen eye for design and the technical ability to go from print to web. This kind of skill creates a seamless flow, from the beginning of a project to its completion. The bottom line, her talent and skills save you time and money!"

"Robin is the kindest and gentlest designer I know. She hears what clients say, and then creates and designs unexpected pieces that compliment client needs. Robin always offers fresh ideas and that helps companies succeed. This is first-hand knowledge. Robin worked with Design Spike®, Inc. while I was out of the office for an emergency. At that time, I was the primary designer. Robin jumped in and both served as a project manager and a designer for our clients. She created unique designs that served our customers, including magnetic honor badges for a business in California. Robin is dependable, honest, articulate, and thoughtful.  She is someone I would enjoy working with over and over again.  And it is with confidence that I highly recommend Robin for any creative work. She will happily produce more than was is asked for every time!"

Laura Bracken,
Owner, DEsign Spike®