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Robin Fontaine, Writer/Designer & MarComm Consultant

Robin Fontaine

Robin Fontaine

Who is the "Chief Cook & Bottle Washer" at Crispy Communications?

Thank you for your interest!  My name is Robin, and I’m a versatile, award-winning writer, designer and strategic communications veteran. My mix of skills and talent gives your business access to a full-service communications department, at a reasonable price, without hiring staff or retaining a multi-person agency. 

Since winning my first awards for art and feature writing at the tender age of 14, I've been captivated by the power of visual communications to inspire, inform and persuade. For over 30 years, I've been creating strategies and materials to meet top-line objectives within bottom-line budgets. Cooking up effective word-and-picture combinations, in print and in pixels, is my passion; my specialty is equipping small businesses with a professional presence.

The industries in which I specialize include hospitality (restaurants, wineries, hotels), entertainment, non-profits, education, health and wellness (therapeutic massage, bodywork and fitness programs).  

When I'm not working as a word-nerd, you can find me outdoors! My husband and I both love to garden, camp, kayak and roam the countryside with Ginger, our ball-aholic Flat-Coat Retriever. The worlds of wine, music, cooking and travel also provide me with critical sustenance. Having lived abroad, I am able to inject a diverse and international outlook into my work product. 

But enough about me. If you’ve found yourself neglecting basic business communications or promotion opportunities because, well, you have a business to run, perhaps some efficient creative services could be your solution. Move things to the front burner today — click that little contact button below!